Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who's In - 12/4 and 12/24


Please post a comment if you are planning on playing on Saturday 12/4 and Friday 12/24. We'll go from 8:30-10:0 at Adam's Farm Park.

See you there.


Andrew "Sweetness" Sweat said...

12/4 - I'm in
12/24 - I'm in

deX said...

Charlie says:
12/4 - I'm in
12/24 - TBD

Anonymous said...

Jeremy "Priest" Holmes:

I'm there for both.

Tom said...

I'm not there for the 4th, but should be there for the 24th.

You'll just have to wonder who I am said...

I'm taking my talents to Adams Farm Park, probably both days.

Anonymous said...

Dec 4th - probably
Dec 24th - definitely there

Greg said...

Going to beg and plead with the wife to let me come out for both days.

Gordon said...

I'm there on the 24th