Friday, November 26, 2010

First Game Photos

Tossin' the ol' pigskin

Gordon --- or is it Jeff Garcia?

My retirement policy - Future NFL QB Brandon

My favorite photo - Greg's Glamor Shot...Isn't he DREAMY? SWOON!

Pre-game strategy

The Brain Trust, though not all that brainy or trustworthy

"Rule #1 - No tackling or punching.
Rule #2 - List your insurance provider and doctor's name..."

Kickoff...Let the huffin' and puffin' begin

Jeremy Holmes looking like Priest Holmes circa 2003

Tom with the sweet grab.....

...but how did he do that with eyes closed and one finger?

This time with two hands and two eyes

The awkward diving catch

Gordon OWNING Sherwood

Sherwood OWNING Gordon

Battle between the two real football players

Hiatt in open space = dangerous

Jody - Defensive stopper

Seriously, Jody was everywhere in the secondary

If Tom and Jonathan weren't close friends
before today, they probably are now.

Holmes to Sweat = Brady to Moss
(Now I'll get traded, waived, and end up in Tennessee...)

Jonathan displays his 4.3 40.

And busts a long one on a devastating block by Gordon

Sherwood - aka Welker - over the middle

Cutting against the grain

Sherwood. Six. Ball Game.


Tom said...

I know that in my head, I look a lot cooler making those great plays than I do in real life. Kind of a let down.

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Tom - I'm grinning like a dentist's patient on laughing gas in all of my photos, so I know what you mean. Your reception where you out-jumped two defenders is pretty cool, so you should feel manly about that.