Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Mud Bowl

When Vlaz leaps for a pass, it will be a TD 99.4% of the time. Just like this one.

Faster than Devin Hester. Gone!

We are not sure how, but Tom caught this one. He either has a 56" vertical, or the ball dropped straight down from space. Either way, nice grab.

For the second game in a row, Sherwood makes a nice open field tackle. Who needs flags, anyway?

Everything looks great on this one...except for the shirt.

Check out Sherwood's guns on this one. He looks like Ammon in an Arnold Friberg painting for crying out loud. Next game? Drug testing.

A little out of frame, but a sweet one-hander by Kalbaugh.

Jeremy - always fundamentally sound. High and tight, baby. High and tight.

Andrea had about 150 pics of Gordon yanking flags and/or shirts. He is the winner of the Lawrence Taylor Memorial Defensive Player of the Game award. He lives a similar lifestyle to LT too, so the award fits.

Gordon's so good he yanks both flags - just for fun.

Yes, Favre came out of retirement - again.

This is Andrew leaving Vlazny in the dust. (Right, Vlaz? Now way you could catch him. Right? Right?)

Clash of the Titans. And yes, a Kraken was released somewhere.

B getting low for a sweet interception.

This was the controversial play where Andrew did a double pass back to Sherwood for a touchdown. The ruling on the field was that Vlazny tackled Andrew before getting off the pass. We went to the replay booth (Andrea's camera) to view this pic, but on the little LCD screen there was no indisputable visual evidence to overturn the call on the field. But upon further, further review, the ball had clearly left Andrew's hand before his flag was pulled. The ruling on the field and the original booth review are now overturned. Touchdown!

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